WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert is discussing adding expansion teams

Amid recent calls from across the WNBA to increase the number of players, Commissioner Cathy Engelbert explained that she is focused on league growth to address player concerns.

“We are transforming the league economy,” Engelbert said Seattle Times. “We want to bring new owners to the league in the long run. We need to find the right time for that. We do a lot of data analysis. … We will continue to do this analysis and hope to be able to say more at some point this summer. But we want to think about it. ”

Engelbert, who began a 12-city league tour with a stop in Seattle at the opening of the regular season on Friday, revealed that the WNBA is currently considering adding two teams to expand over the next few years. He believes that more opportunities will be available for young players, which in turn will help solve the problem of small list sizes.

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