Watch Prince Harry honor his daughter Lily with a “Girl Dad” shirt.

The holiday rating tool was developed with Aotearo tour operators in New Zealand in an effort to better understand consumer attitudes towards sustainable travel, according to a press release. In a statement, Harry said: “As travel keeps coming back, we have the opportunity and the need to redefine the industry – for the better, for the better.”

He added: “There is a well-known Maori proverb: My hero is not an individual hero, but an individual hero (Success is not the work of an individual. It is the work of many) – we invite you to be a part of our many.”

When he’s not traveling, Harry is huddled at his home base in California, where he and Meghan moved from England after stepping down from royal office in 2020. In a recent interview with Todaya father of two joked that working from home “isn’t all it should be” because sometimes it’s “hard to separate” work from family.

“Archie spends more time interrupting our Zoom calls than anyone else,” he said. “And he gets them often, too, so that’s a nice thing.”

Asked if Archie shares his “cheeky” personality, Harry replied: “Yes, I think so too. I always try to keep it. I think audacity is something that keeps you alive.”

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