Use this shortcut to drain water from your iPhone

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Your iPhone is also waterproof their own IP68 rating means can survive bathing in up to six meters of water as long as 30 minutes and things should still be fine. In theory. (This worksdoes not mean that you should use your phone as underwater camera; if the water makes its way inside, you will still face a huge repair bill or you will get stuck with a broken phone.) But even if it will eventually survive a drop in the drink, when you first pull it out, some moisture may still remain in the speakers and headphones. This is not good news for longevity of your deviceand will result in poor sound quality in a short time appointment.

An apple already solved this problem with the Apple Watch setting which will play a series of tones on a particular the frequency that causes water to accumulate inside carrying out ejection speakers. The iOS Shortcut community now has took over this idea and runs team creating water ejection shortcut for your iPhone doing something similar. Here’s how to set it up.

How to remove water from your iPhone speakers

Fin a shortcut, called “Ejecting Water,” on this shortcut gallery site. Once there, click on “Get a shortcut”Button, which will open the Shortcuts application. Tap the “Add a shortcut”Option.

If you have problems with your iPhone you warning saying the shortcut cannot be installed, it may be a problem with permissions. To solve this problem, go to Settings > Shortcuts > Allow unreliable shortcuts.

Once the shortcut is installed, you can run it in several ways. Open the Shortcuts application, then tap the shortcut tap “Start draining the water”At the top of the screen.

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Your iPhone will play the tone for 10-15 seconds, after which you will see a notice with an inscription the water was ejected from your speaker.

If you want, you can add this shortcut to the home screen, widget or run it with Siri. Just say “Hey Siri, throw out the water”.

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