Update Google Weekend search algorithm for Mother’s Day

Update Google Weekend search algorithm for Mother's Day

I see signs of a possible update to the Google search rankings, which started late on Friday, May 6, and which this morning – May 8 – also rose really sharply in many regions on Mother’s Day. There is a lot of chatter on SEO forums and many tools show variability on the Google search results rankings.

I try not to publish on the weekends, but this morning the signals I’m following about these updates have really increased – so I decided to make a special story for the weekend and Mother’s Day about this update.

The last update we reported also remained unconfirmed, the May 1 update. Things have calmed down a bit since May 1, but again, Google search results started to grow a few days ago.

SEO chatter

Here are some stories from SEO about this possible Google update from WebmasterWorld and a few comments here.

This month things just don’t “feel” right, however my “feelings” don’t match my traffic:

1.-5. May 115.3% May 6 so far 50.7% with 12 hours of my remaining Googledaya

Noticeable is my traffic this month well ahead of India and down from the US. I always get volume traffic from India since we are a 50 year old Anglo-Indian company plus India is one of the 3 best global sources for my widgets.

Same here. Yesterday normally, today 58% less so far.

My traffic in the US also dropped today … 45% at 11:30 in the morning. Check your stats for previous Fridays. I see this huge drop in traffic in the U.S. every Friday as per hour. In the meantime, a lot of Peru, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Iran, etc …

Another big drop around ~ 1 in the morning GMT, all my pages were affected, not just the usual suspects (a very damaged senior page).

Interestingly, I had previously reported a whole bunch of traffic in the early hours of the morning, which was unexpected. I haven’t had traffic since – at all, which is even more surprising as most of the UK is awake now.

I experience a lot of the same, especially very unnatural patterns of traffic. During the week, where I would have expected to get consistent visitors, there were hours and hours of nothingness. Today – Sunday – I had a traffic jam in the early hours. What’s this all about?! But there are no conversions on the back. Now, some days, up to 40% of my traffic comes from other search engines.

So, it’s something of a chatter over the weekend within the SEO community.

Google Tracking Tools

Google Search tracking has also begun to notice major changes in Google search results. Here are screenshots from the tools from this morning.


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Advanced web ranking:

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Cognitive SEO:

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Advanced web ranking:

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There seems to be some sort of Google update going on for Mother’s Day this weekend. Have you noticed any changes yourself?

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