Tinder owner Match is suing Google to avoid launching an app store

Meeting app maker Match Group sued Alphabet’s Google on Monday, calling the action a “last resort” to prevent Tinder and its other apps from launching from the Play Store as they refuse to share up to 30% of their sales.

Match’s lawsuit followed ongoing lawsuits filed by Fortnite maker Epic Games, dozens of U.S. attorneys and others targeting Google’s alleged anti-competitive behavior with the Play Store.

Google said Match is trying to avoid paying the significant value it receives.

“Like any company, we charge for our services and like any responsible platform, we protect users from fraud,” Google said. It is said that his payment tool helps prevent fraud.

Match’s lawsuit, filed in federal court in California, accuses Google of violating federal and state antitrust laws and seeks to ban such behavior.

Significantly, some of Match’s apps have been exempt from Google’s policies in the last decade. Now, Google says it will block downloads of those apps until June 1 unless it offers only its payment system and shares revenue, the lawsuit said.

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Google said Match is trying to avoid paying the significant value it receives.
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“This lawsuit is a last resort,” said match executive Shar Dubey. “We have tried, in good faith, to resolve these issues with Google, but their insistence and threats have left us no choice.”

At stake for Match is what he describes as hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue that would have to be paid to Google.

Most users of Match’s most popular app, Tinder, prefer its payment system, which allows for installment plans, bank transfers and other features not offered by Google, the lawsuit said.

Google said that developers can bypass the Play Store and that it has reduced fees and created other programs to solve the problem.

Dubey said a tour of Playa was impossible.

“It’s like saying,‘ you don’t have to take the elevator to get to the 60th floor of the building, you can always go over to the outside wall, ’” she said.

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