TI recently expressed on Instagram its dissatisfaction with the discourse around the late Kevin Samuels, who passed away last week. The Atlanta rapper says he is tired of people “harassing” a controversial figure.

“Shit is a fucking travesty of justice,” the rapper claimed. “I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it. I will not allow you to harass this dead man. We will let this man rest in peace. ”

TI, Kevin Samuels
Paras Griffin / Getty Images

He continued: “Whatever he did, he did [he’s] went away. He got away, fuck you. It is between him and God. He and the Lord will have to deal with it. You have neither heaven nor hell in which to place him. “

“I want to see who the fuck is [wants] to tell me something while I’m still alive “, he concluded.

Although he had millions of subscribers on YouTube, Samuels was considered a controversial figure because of his frequent dehumanizing comments about women.

Only on April 27, Samuels noted in a post, as People observed: “Obedience is a trait of femininity, just as leadership and protection are traits of masculinity. But today you have women who say … that you do not understand their feminine obedience without paying for Fine ladies, how much do you charge? “

Check out TI’s full comments on Samuels ’death below.