This Porsche 911 Speedster has turned green inside, out and around

Porsche offers more than a hundred exterior colors for its vehicles through the Exclusive Manufacturing program, but customers can choose from more than that. For those who strongly feel their favorite shade, such as the owner of this green on a green 911 Speedster, the color can go outside, inside and everywhere.

The decision-making process began with an outer shade of green, a dark, non-metallic shade called Brewstergreen.

“I’m not a big fan of metallic paint and I immediately took the shine to Brewster because it’s very underrated,” the customer said. “In some certain environments it looks black, but when seen in good light, green is not lacking.”

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Porsche has a rich history of painting cars green. Dr. Wolfgang Porsche has a number of green cars in his private collection and it was one of those cars that inspired this customer to make his car green. After seeing the 993 Turbo S at the Porsche Museum, which Dr. Porsche still loves to drive in Austria, he decided he had to get the car in Brewstergreen.

In fact, the owner liked it so much that his 991.2 generation 911 Turbo S, which was in the process of being made, got the exterior color, as well as the 911 GT3 Touring he ordered, which was also equipped with the Green Leather Interior Note.

These concepts were combined in the 991.2 Speedster that flew to Zuffenhausen to configure it. With Brewstergreen color, he chose Noto Green leather and opted for green ventilation strips, steering wheel, door cards, sun visors, rug edges and all the decorations around the fuse box cover, which is hidden from view. Even the wheels are finished in green.

Achievement was possible through Porsche’s Paint to Sample service, which costs between $ 11,430 and $ 25,660 if a customer opts for the Paint to Sample Plus offering.

“It was an honor, a pleasure and a privilege to make my dream come true,” the owner said. “I am extremely pleased with the final results and as you can see from the mileage and wear and tear of the skin, I love going out and driving a car. The journey was so unique and personal that I can’t see myself ever parting from it. It’s a combination that not everyone will like, but it’s perfect for me. ”

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