This fan remake of Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 in UE4 is stunning

Someone is working on a real Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 Remake within Unreal Engine 4 and it looks pretty impressive with a lot of features.

Many fans consider the second Underground entry in the Need for Speed ​​series the best in the franchise, and a dedicated fan is currently working on his own remake of the game for fans. The remake for fans is created by YouTuber ‘Ivan Novozhilov’, and comes with a number of features that highlighted the original game, including a soundtrack from Underground Games. In addition, this remake packs optimized visuals, optimized time cycle, new textures, revamped steering, suspension compression sounds, turbo and nitrogen cars, optimized automatic transmission and clutch and more.

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Below we have included 10 minutes of play from this impressive project, along with a list of features currently included in this ongoing project:

Features Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 Fan Remake UE4

– nitrogen (not used here)
-Earn NOS by doing some things (in the air, powerslide, almost …)
-a brand new steering wheel.
-Optimized automatic transmission and clutch
– fixed slip ratio (no more stuttering)
-sounds of collisions and sparks
-suspension compression sounds
-engine sounds are made except for two. the analysis tool is not good enough for them. maybe someone knows someone who can transfer files so it works again. at least now we have the correct engine sounds.
– sweetener (listen to the fire)
-turbo, sweetener, engine sound, gearbox are made and selected depending on the performance upgrade.
-drastically changed driving behavior. it is still under construction and changes a lot, it depends a lot on the angle of sliding and pulling, and the values ​​change depending on the speed to allow arcade driving behavior and nice drifting at low speeds. depending on the mode of play this may change drastically in the future.

-audio zone
-reverb zone
-named zones
-each island has a recognizable coloration.

-Optimized graphics for much better performance and generally more
pleasant appearance.
-optimized time cycle
-new textures
-added more missing networks

-system of traffic nodes (you don’t see, but it exists)
-more optimized camera shake
-optimized blurring of radial motion
-destructive environment (signs, water barrels …)
-implemented music from UG1, UG2, MW. You can also skip songs or go back (QOL hack ()
– lice sounds
-new delay and camera rotation (lag)

user interface:
– drift result counter + handy messages
-skin drift zones (these blue red and white striped stickers) are used for additional multipliers along with drift rating speed.
-menus are under construction and are already in part, but are not shown here.

Overall, this game looks pretty spectacular and offers pretty much what fans of the original game liked about it. Whether this fan remake will ever be released to the public remains to be seen, but given the authenticity of the project, the project is likely to face a breakup and abandonment of EA.

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