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We searched the web to find some of the best jobs in Pittsburgh this week. If your company is hiring, send information including job title, job description and salary range to [email protected]


Digital organizer. A non-profit coalition of the community Pittsburgh United is looking for a full-time digital organizer to develop online strategies that build an organization. Responsibilities include reaching out and expanding the network of activists, with a focus on moving supporters from online to offline engagement. Salaries range from $ 43,000 to $ 55,000. Click here for more details

Visitor Services Associate. North Side Zoo, National aviary, employs a part-time visitor service associate to assist in all visitor service operations, including retail and ticketing. Responsibilities include welcoming and registering guests, directing school and party groups, promoting and selling memberships, pricing goods, and more. Click here for more details

Counsel attorney. The Victim Center, which helps individuals, families and communities heal from trauma, seeks full-time counselor advocates to support and empower victims and / or witnesses. Responsibilities include crisis interventions, counseling, education and training, and more. Click here for more details

Program Director. Location of Betel Park YMCA of Great Pittsburgh employs a full-time program manager for the practical development, implementation and evaluation of programs and events for parents and children, and the planning and preparation of summer day camp programs. Responsibilities include promoting and managing all youth enrichment program operations, hiring and training part-time employees of summer camps, developing and maintaining strong parent-volunteer relationships, ensuring child safety, and more. The salary range is $ 38,000-40,000. Click here for more details

Art + entertainment

Art Studio Assistant. Spring Hill Joint Art Studio Small house, big art is looking for a part-time art studio assistant. Responsibilities include hosting and inspiring studio guests, answering questions, finding the right materials and tools for projects, helping with inventory and more. It costs 10-15 dollars per hour. Click here for more details

Gallery manager, visual arts. City centre Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is looking for a full-time gallery manager, visual arts. This post will be responsible for overseeing the work of five primary art galleries, pop-up galleries and public art portfolios, including managing exhibition preparation and holding, scheduling programming, staff training and maintenance, assisting in identifying guest curators and more. Salary starts at $ 40,000. Click here for more details

Event Director. Organization of civic leadership, Allegheny Conference on Community Development, employs a full-time Event Director to work on successful event planning and production. Responsibilities include event planning, stakeholder meeting, coordination with premises and suppliers, ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of event-related marketing and communication tools and more. Salaries range from $ 60,000 to $ 75,000. Click here for more details

Sous Chef. Bethel Park Spoonwood Brewery looking for Sous Chef be second in command. Responsibilities include assisting with menu preparation and design, overseeing kitchen operation, managing and training staff, and more. Salary starts at $ 46,000. Click here for more details

Confectioner. Culinaire employs a full-time confectioner for Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Responsibilities include making high quality wedding cakes, pastries, pastries, seasonal dessert tables and plate desserts for organized events and restaurant. Click here for more details

Dishwasher. A restaurant in North Oakland Butterjoint employs a full-time dishwasher for a dinner shift. It is paid 15 $ / hour. Click here for more details

Lead Line Cook. South sides Treasury bar looking for a full-time chef. Responsibilities include opening the kitchen and guiding the chef on daily preparatory tasks, setting up stock stations, preparing food, facilitating staff training, and more. Paid $ 19-19.50 per hour. Click here for more details

Cafe specialist. Grocery store Point Breeze, East End Food Co-op, is looking for a full-time coffee specialist. Responsibilities include producing high quality prepared food and beverages, maintaining retail storefronts, providing customer service, maintaining cleanliness of work and sales areas and more. It costs 14 USD / hour. Click here for more details


Coordinator of special programs. Local non-profit food justice organization 412 Saving food has an opening for the seasonal special program coordinator who will lead the day-to-day coordination of the organization’s UglyCSA program. Responsibilities include managing community and business volunteers, providing customer service via email and phone, ensuring weekly stock preparation, creating a weekly newsletter for subscribers, and more. The position includes 20 hours per week for 14 weeks from July 6 to October 12, with the potential to become a position throughout the year. Click here for more details

Flower farmers
. Allison Park’s Small seed farm looking for seasonal flower growers. Responsibilities include planting and harvesting flowers and turning bundles into bouquets. Click here for more details

Pool manager. The Country Club Edgewood employs Pool Manager on a full-time basis for the May-September period. The workplace is responsible for pool safety, overseeing lifeguard staff, scheduling staff tasks, preparing facilities and supervising swimming meetings, organizing major pool events, performing general maintenance and more. It costs $ 20-25 per hour. Click here for more details

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