The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra could come with a 200 MP camera sensor

Towards the end of 2021, Samsung announced its first 200 MP camera sensor for smartphones. This sensor has yet to make its debut on the device, but it seems that something better may have already overshadowed it. According to a new report by a South Korean publication ETNewsthe updated version of the 200 MP sensor is nearing completion and will reportedly debut in a future flagship smartphone – like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – in 2023.

Despite Samsung’s impressive ISOCELL HP1 specifications, Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications and Electro-Mechanics are reportedly nearing completion of an updated version, called ISOCELL HP3. It is unknown at this time what improvements the updated ISOCELL HP3 will bring. However, the sensor will have 200 megapixels, which makes it one of the largest sensors in any smartphone. Both departments will share responsibilities in production, with the company’s mobile department responsible for 30 percent, while the electromechanical department will take over most of the work with the remaining 70 percent.

Samsung debuted in 2020 with a 108 MP camera sensor on its Galaxy S20 Ultra. Next year it will keep the same sensor for its Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung then again it kept the same 108 MP sensor for its Galaxy S22 Ultra. Despite Samsung being the leader in the megapixel race, far above most of its competitors, the company could increase its advantage in 2023. If it decides to upgrade to the 200 MP sensor rumored, it could breathe new life into the camera equipment of its flagship line.

Of course, we are still in the early stages of the process, so it is unknown on which smartphone the new ISOCELL HP3 will debut. But if the date is any indication, it will most likely appear in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. However, keep in mind that when it comes to rumors, anything can happen and everything could change. We hope that in the coming months there will be more information that will give us a better insight into Samsung’s plans for the future.

Source: ETNews

Via: SamMobile

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