the real story is based on Jessica Biel’s new Hulu show

  • Hulu’s new show “Candy” is based on the creepy real story of housewife Candy Montgomery.
  • Montgomery’s murder of her friend Betty Gore in 1980 is described in detail in two Texas Monthly articles.
  • Biel plays Montgomery in Hulu’s new series, while Melanie Lynskey will play Betty.

The brutal murder of Betty Gore in 1980 shocked the small Texas town where she lived – and now Gore’s case will be revived in “Candy,” a new drama series from



Starring Melanie Lynskey as Gore and Jessica Biel as Gore’s friend who became the killer of Candy Montgomery, the new creepy series will premiere on Monday, May 9th. Timothy Simons, Pablo Schreiber and Raúl Esparza will also appear on the show.

Here’s everything you need to know about Montgomery and Gore from real life ahead of the premiere of “Candy.”

Montgomery had a months-long relationship with Gore’s husband, Allan

Both the Montgomery family (Candy was married to a Texas Instruments engineer, Pat) and Gore were active in their local church, so Montgomery and Allan met for the first time.

After a church volleyball game, Montgomery reportedly asked Allan if he would like to have an affair with her; both were sexually dissatisfied in their marriage but did not want to divorce.

Weeks of careful planning (including compiling a “for” and “against” list for the affair eventually lead to frequent sexual encounters between Montgomery and Allan at cheap motels. The two swore to keep their affair strictly physical and to avoid any unwanted feelings of attachment to the other.

But as the affair continued, Montgomery seemed increasingly attached to Allan, leaving him homemade treats and congratulations on the car’s windshield, and he became horrified when he asked them to end their relationship. However, they eventually broke up shortly after the birth of Allan’s second child with Gore.

Montgomery and Gore appear to have been close until Gore ‘s death in June 1980

Montgomery and Allan worked hard to hide their affair from their spouses, which meant the two couples continued to socialize regularly with each other and other church members, despite Montgomery and Allan’s meetings.

But in June 1980, Gore confronted Montgomery about an affair after Montgomery arrived at the Gore family home to pick up their daughter Alice for swimming lessons. Pointing to the letters and notes Montgomery left Allan as evidence, Gore was reportedly upset, leading to an ax fight.

According to a Texas Monthly report on Montgomery’s trial, two women fought for control of a deadly weapon before Montgomery won, stabbing Gore with an ax 41 times and killing her.

Montgomery later claimed to have killed Gore in self-defense, and after trial was acquitted of murder charges.

Two Texas Monthly articles plunge deep into the affair and Gore’s murder

Titled “Love and Death on Silicon Prairie,” the stories follow the Montgomery and Allan affair, as well as the aftermath of their breakup and Gore’s brutal death.

The articles also reveal the sheer amount of planning that has gone into Montgomery and Allan’s secret relationship, and the effort Allan has made to save his marriage after a transformative weekend in withdrawing money with Gore.

It’s a little hard to read at times, but both stories provide a disturbing and fascinating insight into the affair and subsequent murder.

Another adaptation of Montgomery’s story arrives on HBO Max later this year

In the HBO version, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” star Elizabeth Olsen plays Montgomery, and “American Horror Story” star Lily Rabe portrays the convicted Gore. Jesse Plemons also plays Allan in the upcoming show.

Hulu’s “Candy” premieres on Monday, May 9th. You can watch the trailer below.

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