The outgoing sports editor juggles journalism, informatics, passion for sports

Matt Salcido, outgoing sports editor at Daily Lobo, will soon graduate in computer science from the University of New Mexico.

After coming to the position of sports editor with no journalistic experience after a back injury, Salcido quickly learned to translate his extensive knowledge of college sports into journalistic writing.

“A few years before I started as a sports editor, I was a basketball coach … I ended up with a back injury and I knew I was going to have to take a year off,” Salcido said. “The Lobo I was hiring for editors and I saw a sports editor, so I applied. I didn’t think they would consider me at all because I had no experience. “

Although Salcido had no journalistic experience, his practical knowledge of sports, especially basketball, brought him a position. In the year since he was admitted, he has stood out, greatly expanding Lobo ‘sports table coverage.

“It was great, it was absolutely phenomenal. I had to play sports and write, ”said Salcido. “It was really important.”

Thomas Bulger, beat reporter u Daily Lobo, has been working closely with Salcid since the beginning of this year.

“Matt has always been super cool to me. I have only known him for about three months, but he has always been very helpful, ”Bulger wrote Daily Lobo. “He knows what he is talking about; he is very educated in the sports world. ”

In addition to Salcid’s requirements for technical sportsmanship, Bulger appreciates Salcid’s genuine concern for journalists.

“It seems like he wants me to grow as a writer,” Bulger wrote.

Since the beginning of his work in sports journalism, Salcid’s interests have expanded. In order to postpone his decision between informatics and journalism, he enrolled in postgraduate studies where he plans to continue studying informatics at UNM, and perhaps stay at Lobo on a freelancer.

Even without Lobo, yet Salcido found a way to incorporate writing into his new daily routine. He now works in technology transfer for UNM as a project expert, writing extensively on the topics he studies.

“(It is) a kind of between engineering and journalism; I also write a lot about marketing for inventions made by UNM professors, ”said Salcido.

Although Salcido spent with Lobo perhaps nearing its end, the impact the publication has had on him is immense, and he is inviting more students to try and report it.

“The Lobo it’s really important, “Salcido said. “It’s a place where you feel every part of the University in one place … I think a lot more people should apply to work there. It’s the best. “

Natalie Jude is the culture editor for the Daily Lobo. It can be obtained on Twitter @nataloroni or on [email protected]

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