The other M would be the “killer moment”

Reggie originally thought Metroid: Other M would be a “killer moment” for the series

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at least, Metroid: Other M it was a different view of the classic franchise. Nintendo has left the primary development to Team Ninja, the team behind Ninja Gaiden. The title also got more emphasis on the story compared to past entries. He eventually got a mixed reception.

As it turned out, former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime initially had high hopes for the title. In the latest episode of Somehow funny games, singled out Metroid: Other M as a game that did not appear on the mass market as he originally expected.

Thinking of Metroid: Other M, Reggie said:

“I really thought it was going to be a defining moment for the Metroid franchise. This gave much more perspective on Samus. I really thought it was going to be a deadly moment in the history of the franchise, and it wasn’t. It didn’t give – not business results, it really didn’t touch the player in the way we hoped.

Interestingly, I was at a large group meeting, a strategic meeting with (Satoru) Iwat and (Shigeru) Miyamoto and game developers, and we talked about why not. I’ve always been a cheeky American. I was the one who would say what I believed to be true to try to help move the business forward. The point I gave to the developers was that it took too long to get into the meat and potatoes of this game. The first five hours of the game, you kind of dared to go around. There wasn’t a lot of payout, there was a lot of dialogue, and I’m sure I pissed people off in the room. But here it is learned that the player wants to get into this much faster. Yes, there are elements we need to do from a tutorial standpoint to help them understand the mechanics of the game, but you have to move things a lot faster. And hopefully that advice has had a little impact on the developers in the room. ”

Metroid: Other M was the final announcement of Nintendo’s 2009 E3 presentation. It will continue to launch in August 2010.

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