The next Android update brings back a lot of missed features on Pixel phones

One of the benefits of owning a Pixel phone is that, like new versions of Android and security patches, you get a quarterly reduction in Pixel features, including new features and enhancements – and the decline in June is already extremely exciting.

Beta Feature Drop is now available, prompting Reddit user schrombear_23 to discover that Google has returned the vibrate mode icon to the status bar so you can see at a glance if your phone is vibrating.

This is an incredibly small change, but also extremely useful, because no one wants their phone to ring loudly at an awkward moment, so you can immediately be sure that your handset will just vibrate. This is a feature that the Pixel line once had, but which for some reason was removed some time ago.

Pixel settings screen showing vibrate icon and switch

(Image courtesy: schrombear_23)

But Google has gone a little further than just adding an icon. A sound and vibration settings switch has also been added, which allows you to hide the vibration icon if you don’t want to see it for any reason (you may not like the cluttered status bar).

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