The new Zenless Zone Zero game was teased by the Genshin Impact Team

HoYoVerse, the Genshin Impact the developer also known as miHoYo, is teasing a new game called Zenless zone zero. Not much is known about this at the moment, but the official unveiling is scheduled for May 13, 2022. The “Record of Unknown Time” announcement page for Zenless zone zero has meanwhile been set up.

The Zenless zone zero The teaser page is unusual. Displays an old TV with an antenna on top of the VCR. Around are a few posters, a subwoofer, a few VHS tapes on a stand, and a small calendar counting down to May 13th.

Visitors can turn the top button to turn on the TV and watch a short clip of the latest news. This most likely suggests what his premise might contain. The video shows that part of the city is beginning to swallow some kind of black dome in which parts of the building are immersed. The journalist calls this phenomenon a “sub-cavity”. Public security has set up a control zone and is evacuating residents in the meantime.

Although HoYoVerse did not specify a genre for Zenless zone zero yet industry analyst Daniel Ahmad shared on Twitter that it would be an “ACGN-themed shooter.”

HoYoVerse continues to operate Honkai Impact 3, Genshin Impactand unpublished Honkai Star Rail. Recent events have forced them to withdraw update 2.7 for Genshin Impact unfortunately.

Zenless zone zero there is no release platform or release date yet. We hope to find out more on May 13 during the official unveiling.

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