The most controversial moments of Amber Heard’s testimony

Amber Heard testified two days in Johnny Depp a defamation lawsuit against her this week. Heard’s testimony follows the testimony of several other witnesses, including Depp, who testified four days last month.

Heard claimed that Depp beat and abused her many times while she was on the bench, and her testimony was often pictorial. She also talked about how they met and how their relationship developed. Here are some of the most shocking moments from her testimony so far.

When Amber met Johnny

Heard claimed to have gone to Depp’s office to audition for a film he was producing, but it turned out to be a long meeting where they became close over books, music and poetry.

It was strange to her because, although she was not a “fan” of Depp, she recognized him as one of the world’s most famous actors. “So it was already weird to go and be invited to his office. I’m an actor without a name,” she “I think I was 22. I thought it was weird. It was weird because he was twice my age and world famous actor and here we agree about obscure books and old blues. I thought it was extraordinary. I thought it was ordinary and extraordinary. I left there with feeling, wow. “

Bruises on Amber’s arm

A photo of the bruise on Heard’s arm was shown in court, and she described the incident that allegedly caused it, stating that Depp slapped her and that the departure “made things worse”.

“We got into screaming. And he kind of did this thing with his body where I could say he was going to hit me again,” she said. Heard claimed she took the vase and threw it at Depp.

And I actually managed to escape before he caught me. He grabbed my hand and somehow held me on the floor yelling at me. I don’t remember how many times he hit me in the face, but I remember I’m on the floor of my apartment and just … I remember thinking about how this could happen to me again. ” she said.

She painted Depp in Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde light

“And that other thing was a horrible, awful thing that would come out and take over, and underneath it you couldn’t see Johnny I loved,” Heard said.

Depp would, she claimed, faint from his own vomiting, lose control of his body, and have others clean up after him, including her. The actress added that Depp will “clean up and sober up” before returning to feel loved again. Heard considered leaving Depp, but he couldn’t.

Depp allegedly threatened to kill her

Heard claims that Depp believed during the family vacation on the yacht that she told his children that he was a “drunkard”, which led to a physical quarrel and Depp who threatened to “fucking kill” her.

Heard said she and Depp’s daughter, Lily Rose, did not discuss Depp’s drinking. Still, he accused her of it and infuriated her.

Heard claimed that Depp did a “cavity search” on her looking for cocaine

Depp allegedly ripped off her clothes and performed a “hollow search” of her body, according to Heard, who looked visibly disgusted. He allegedly sought his cocaine, she said.

“I wondered how I, someone who didn’t consume cocaine and was against it – that in itself caused problems in our relationship – so I could hide, why would I hide his drugs from him?” she said. “Like, he insinuated I was doing it or something? It didn’t make sense. And he was telling me, we’re going to do a cavity search. Like, he just pushed his fingers into me. I was just – I was just standing there staring at this light. I was just stood there while he did it. “

Amber Heard mentioned multiple abuses

Heard described in detail several incidents in which she claimed that Depp physically abused her, and some of her testimonies became vivid. He allegedly punched her in the back of the head several times, shouting “Fuck you I hate you” over and over again.

Depp reportedly grabbed her again and continued to hit her head and wrestle on the ground, Heard claims.

“I mean, it seemed to me that I didn’t even have a fair chance because I wasn’t even there, I wasn’t facing him or looking at him, I was walking away from him. Otherwise I would have made a point – I would have tried to defend myself more, but I didn’t,” she said. is.

The Heard trial is set to resume on Monday, May 16. Depp’s lawyers have not yet cross-examined her.

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