The long-delayed Resident Evil Re: Verse may actually be on the way

Resident Evil Re: Verse may still be on track for release in 2022, despite developer Capcom keeping completely silent about it after a series of delays.

As Gematsu shared on Twitter (below), the version of Re: Verse for Google Stadio – a PvP game that was originally supposed to come with Resident Evil: Village – was judged by the European PEGI rating committee.

Although Capcom has not confirmed any release dates other than just “this year,” a game that is rated usually means that a relatively complete version has been presented and is therefore not far from being released.

Versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC were rated exactly a year earlier (May 7), but that was also the release date of Resident Evil: Village, and Re: Verse was originally supposed to be a multiplayer mode within that game.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed until Capcom itself announces it, the assessment shows that progress on Re: Verse has at least been made.

The game was first announced in January last year before being postponed to summer 2021 three months later. Two months after the planned original release date, Capcom announced in July that Re: Verse had been postponed to 2022 “so the team could continue to work on providing a smooth gaming experience ”.

Although the developer has promised to share updates later, virtually nothing has been said about Re: Verse since the delay.

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