The London Art Competition was shortlisted by the Taiwanese team

  • Authors Hung Jui-chin and Liu Tzu-hsuan / General Rapporteur, with staff writer

The Taiwanese team was shortlisted in the Create (Art) category of the London International Creative Competition (LICC) for their experimental sculpture called Pump.

The annual international competition seeks “the freshest and most progressive creative talents in the world,” according to the website.

The team, led by Cho Yen-ting (卓彥廷), an associate professor at the Cheng Kung National University’s Institute of Creative Industries Design (NCKU), sought a link between human and digital creativity, hoping to bring digital art to a wider audience.

Photo courtesy of Cheng Kung National University via CNA

Pump it was created by an advanced printing technique and carved using a computer. He explores the decomposition and recomposition of data through art.

Inspiration for Pump it comes from the human heart, which is the center of the circulatory system, pumps blood into blood vessels throughout the body, just as layered, concentric rings of artwork draw people’s gaze toward its center, Cho said.

With vivid colors and circular structure, patterns on Pump they overlap and intertwine, creating a visual that is blurred and clear at the same time.

The team consists of people from different backgrounds, including Li Yu-ting (李昱廷), a student from NCKU’s Department of Architecture, and Li Cheng-lina (李承霖), a student from the Department of Industrial Design, the university said.

Their teamwork encouraged creativity and surpassed traditional media, resulting in a freer artistic expression that shone on the global stage, it is said.

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