The Gangdong Arts Center seeks to educate the public about NFT art

“Gallery and NFT: The Koenig Gallery Case.”

“Digital Era NFT Art 101”, an exhibition aimed at bringing new immutable token projects closer to the public, will be held until May 29 at the Gangdong Arts Center in Seoul.

About 70 artists are participating in the exhibition, along with conferences and educational programs on NFT art that are being held.

The NFT art exhibition is co-organized by the Gangdong Arts Center, run by the Gangdong Cultural Foundation, and ArtToken, a Seoul-based digital art platform. The show covers three topics – “NFT influencer”, “NFT and contemporary art” and “NFTism”.

The first session “NFT influencer” shows the latest trends in NFT art. The works of artists recognized for their NFT art are on display, including Mr. Misang who calls himself a “crypto artist”.

Picture NFT art from Yongyonga (ArtToken)

Picture NFT art from Yongyonga (ArtToken)

Illustrator Mr.Misang is one of the first Korean NFT artists to succeed in the global art market. His animated series “Modern Life is Garbage” became a big hit on global NFT art platforms last year.

Participating artists include Dorodaro, Vakki, Artnom, Blacksun, John Cook, Yongyong, GlitchOfMind, Lindsayking, maharanie, Zenavi, Holy Babies and Kim Gryun.

The other two sessions, “NFT & Contemporary Art” and “NFTism”, explore how NFT art can be recognized as a new form of digital expression.

Tickets can be purchased online for 10,000 won for adults and 8,000 won for students. Residents of Gangdong Gua, a district in East Seoul, can buy tickets for 5,000 won.

NFTs are data lines stored in a digital book known as a blockchain. Each NFT is unique and acts as a digital certificate that certifies the authenticity of the work and is used to represent an object such as a work of art. Most NFTs are part of the ethereum blockchain.

By Park Yuna ([email protected])

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