The first user video of the DJI Mini 3 Pro in flight goes live

After the first unpacking video of DJI’s Mini 3 Pro to be unveiled on Friday, it was inevitable that a movie of the new drone in flight would be released soon. That beating sound (accompanied by a recognizable buzz) is a predetermined recording that enters, right on stage.

That video in which the Mini 3 Pro moves through the movements was loaded just a few hours after – which is not illogical – the same content creator published footage of the unpacked ship. English drone pilot Darren McHardy posted the film on his YouTube channel and tagged it to the world using his own @DMPRODUCTIONS twitter account. From there, the clicks began to pile up.

McHardy’s intent in the demo film is very obvious to provide viewers who have been excited and tormented by months of rumors ahead of the upcoming May 3 Pro launch on May 10th a quick but loving look at the drone and the built-in screen controller. As such, it contains more beautiful images of an aircraft flying over a beach in England at sunset than technical details.

However, this last point is quite controversial about future leaks that have given the world all the details about the drone that need to be known.

McHardy, however, notes a few interesting technical points. Despite recent complaints from DJI Mavic 3 drone users about extended delays for GPS connections – some spanning more than 10 minutes – McHardy says the Mini 3 Pro has connected to one of 25 satellites it found within 10 seconds.

He also reveals that, although many of the features talked about are already available on his prematurely acquired drone, neither tracking nor obstacle avoidance options have been activated. DJI is likely to correct these shortcomings by adjusting the firmware after (officially) acknowledging the existence of the vessel.

However, the video of DJI’s latest drone in action seems to contain another element of the inevitable – or at least very likely. Namely, McHardy’s post yesterday unpacking the footage he claimed originated from the leak was actually shot at his lonely person.

Apart from the hand manicure seen in both films being remarkably similar, DroneDJ Writer Ishveena Singh noted that in response to yesterday’s unpacking footage, “eagle-eyed drone enthusiasts claim the box seen in the video comes from the inventory of British retailer Agros, which accidentally released its list of products last weekend.” Although it’s a big country (and world), McHardy’s origins (is that a Manchester accent?) Make that connection to England seem more than coincidental.

In the meantime, it may be even more convincing that if McHardy didn’t already have a Mini 3 Pro to unpack it himself, how did he get hold of one and record footage of the flight that day? Why would a leak enjoy less joy of tearing packaging and hand over the reward inside for more work?

McHardy could eventually answer those questions on his own, but for now – after his latest work with the Mini 3 Pro in the air – most viewers now want to know something else: how on earth he managed to get the drone a few days before DJI is expected introduce him?

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