The ‘Elden Ring’ player has revealed a huge discovery about the game’s map

This article contains spoilers for Elden Ring. Read at your own risk.

It’s been a long time since the game has captured a gaming audience like FromSoftware’s latest epic Elden Ring.

It’s been about ten weeks since it was first published, but it’s so full of sick stories and delicious stories that many layers of the narrative cake have yet to be discovered. There has been a lot of discussion about the demigods of the story, who accidentally and completely unintentionally all have names starting with G, R or M, just like the initials of their creator George RR Martin.

If you are interested in players who get creative Elden Ringlook at this guy who ended up with some of the toughest bosses using only bubbles.

As noted by the user in / le_bonjour on the r / EldenRing subreddite, there is something a little suspicious about Godwyn. While a lot of knowledge about Elden Ring is for interpretation, what we know about old Godwyn is that he is a dead guy. He was killed by someone, probably Ranni, but also by his mother Marika. However, the work was not completed properly, which enabled him to become one of “Those who live in death”.

His corrupt body is laid at the roots of Erdtree, where corruption has leaked out allowing Deathroot to grow and the still undead not to die. Godwyn is key in the plot, because as the first demigod to die, his death may have led to the breaking of the Elden Ring, which in turn led to all the fuss we see in the game.

Due to the way the corrupt corpse was placed and the fact that we know it merged with the earth, players believe that the whole map of the Earth is between it was created in its form. One commentator noted that this idea occurred in Norse mythology which Elden Ring it is based on.

They note that in Norse mythology, Midgaard is made from the body of the titan Ymir. The stone is his bone, he defiles his body, he sheds blood. The dome of heaven is his skull, which stretches above, and the swirling clouds, his brain matter, are still full of restless dreams, even in death. ”

Everything sounds familiar, but of course, it’s just a theory.

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