The content of the 13th season of the Apex Legends combat pass, unlocking options have been revealed

Apex legend Season 13, “Rescuers” comes out Tuesday on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. On Monday, Respawn Entertainment released its latest preview announcement, showing what players can unlock on another level of 100 combat passes going live with the new season.

The next aisle includes legendary skins for Fuse and Bloodhound heroes, plus a CAR slot machine; Epic sets for Pathfinder, Mad Maggie and the new hero of Newcastle, plus jet masks for the Spitfire light machine gun. New parachute emotions are also available.

Apex legendThe official website contains much more about what’s inside, including a character-by-character overview.

For those who play for free, anyone can earn, by playing and raising the level, a Crypto character mask, seven Apex packages, 12 weapon skins, three loading screens, trackers for all legends, two music packages, 300 Apex coins and a seasonal badge.

The Battle Pass for unlocking premium content is 950 Apex coins (1000 Apex coins, the smallest package sold in the game, is $ 9.99). The Premium Battle Bass Bundle, which unlocks the next 25 levels (wherever the player is currently in the aisle) is 2800 Apex coins. The game sells in a package of 2000 Apex coins for $ 19.99 which, paired with a package of 1000 coins, makes an effective price of $ 29.99.

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