The CDC is investigating the outbreak of Covid-19 on the Carnival cruise ship

The Carnival Spirit, which sailed the Panama Canal, set off from Miami on April 17 and arrived in Seattle on May 3, the cruiser said in a statement. The ship accommodates 2,124 guests and 930 crew members, Carnival said.

The CDC says it is not allowed to publicly disclose the number of passengers and crew members who were quarantined or were positive. But the ship is marked as orange status according to the agency threshold Covid-19 for cruisers, indicating that 0.3% or more of the total number of passengers and / or crew members is positive, according to CDC guidelines.

The ship’s color status is helping the CDC determine the scope of the investigation, the agency said.

The Carnival Spirit is one of 62 cruisers currently sailing in orange status, the CDC said in a statement to CNN.

Both the cruise line and the CDC said there were no serious outcomes or serious health problems among those who were positive, and Carnival said most guests were asymptomatic.

“Our health and safety protocols exceed CDC guidelines and have been carefully adhered to, including vaccination requirements and testing of all guests before the cruise. Our crew is also vaccinated and wearing masks,” Carnival told CNN.

“Our protocols are designed to bend as needed, and additional measures were implemented during the trip,” the statement added. “In addition, all guests who were to continue their next cruise to Alaska were tested, and all guests and their positive companions were disembarked.”

The ship sailed from Seattle to Alaska later on May 3, according to a Carnival statement.

The CDC is working with the cruise company as well as state and local health agencies to “adopt existing Covid-19 agreements and protocols,” the statement added.

Passengers say cruise ship “overcrowded”

Some passengers on board the Carnival Spirit reported that crew members mishandled the Covid-19 epidemic on board.

Darren Siefertson, who is from Las Vegas, Nevada, told CNN that he boarded the ship on April 17 from Miami and that he was informed by April 26 that a Covid-19 outbreak had occurred on board.

After being positive, Siefertson said he was promised to be moved to an isolation cabin, but was eventually forced to stay in the same room as his roommate.

Siefertson said when he called the medical center to update that the center had already closed before the scheduled closing time and that no one was answering the phone.

When Siefertson’s friend from the cabin went to the guest service to ask what they should do, he was told that there were no more free isolation cabins and that he would have to stay in the same room as Siefertson.

Carnival Spirit is one of 62 cruisers currently sailing in orange status, according to the CDC.

Guests from the ship also complained that room service took “hours to deliver food to those who were quarantined,” Siefertson said.

“There were times when we ordered food at 1pm and she didn’t show up until 7pm,” Walter Babij, who was on a cruise with his wife, told CNN. Both Babi and his wife tested positive for Covid-19 while on board and were quarantined in an isolation cabin.

“There were also several times that we didn’t get complete orders. We would have to call several times to find food. We were completely dependent on them,” Babij said.

Siefertson also complained that a few days after the test was positive, his cabin and two other cabins near him began to stink of sewage.

“You couldn’t even call to ask someone to solve the problem because no one wanted to answer and we couldn’t leave my room, so I had to stay in this room that smelled like a toilet. It was awful,” Siefertson said. “Carnival said they coped with the situation, but that’s not true. They were so overwhelmed.”

Both Siefertson and Babij told CNN that they think the cruise line is “crowded”.

“I don’t think they expected that level of cases and when it got to a certain level they didn’t know what to do. It was a perfect storm,” Babi said.

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