The art exhibition celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Memorial

Published: 8.5.2022 20:09:44

Modified: 8.5.2022 20:08:04

STOCKBRIDGE (AP) – An art exhibition with multimedia works and artifacts inspired by the legendary Lincoln sculpture in Washington opened on Saturday at the Norman Rockwell Museum to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the memorial.

The museum is in Stockbridge, home to the studio of sculptor Daniel Chester French, Chesterwood, Lincoln Memorial. The museum and studio worked together on the Lincoln Memorial Illustrated exhibition.

At least eight works by acclaimed American illustrator Norman Rockwell depicted the president from the Civil War era. Several of these works, including the “Lincoln for Defense” illustration depicting the former president in his early years as a lawyer, are included in the exhibition.

More than 50 multimedia works are on display, including original paintings, illustrations, photographs and artifacts inspired by a sculpture dedicated in May 1922.

“Norman Rockwell greatly admired President Lincoln,” said Norman Rockwell Museum President and CEO Laurie Norton Moffatt. “He thought of him only as a great American and admired his ability to bring the country together in such a challenging time, and he included him in many of his paintings.”

The exhibition also includes a print of Rockwell’s 1975 oil painting by renowned Civil War photographer Mathew Brady taking a portrait of a seated Lincoln. The exhibition contains an imprint because the original is in a private collection, Moffatt said.

The exhibition runs in Stockbridge until September 5, before moving to the Concord Museum from September 22 to the following February 26. Plans to exhibit it elsewhere are still under development, Moffatt said.

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