The AMD Ryzen 6000 series is DisplayPort 2.0 Ultra-High Bit Rate (UHBR) certified


Qualified VESA DisplayPort Authorized Test Centers ready for UHBR end product certification

BEAVERTON, Ore. – May 9, 2022 – Association for Video Electronics Standards (VESA®) announced today that the first video source and display devices that support DisplayPort UHBR (Ultra-high Bit Rate) – higher data connection speeds supported by the standard version of DisplayPort 2.0 – have completed certification through the DisplayPort UHBR Certification Program. To achieve this important milestone, UHBR chipset reference sources and display designs provided by AMD, MediaTek, and Realtek have successfully met the PHY, connectivity, and interoperability testing requirements specified in the DisplayPort 2.0 Compliance Testing Specification (CTS). The higher bandwidth provided by UHBR supports a variety of use cases such as uncompressed 8K 60Hz HDR, 4K 240Hz HDR, two 4K 120Hz HDR or four 4K 60Hz HDR displays via a single cable.

VESA also announced today that qualified VESA DisplayPort Authorized Test Centers (ATCs) are ready to begin testing and certifying UHBR end products using approved test equipment and abyss reference devices and interoperability test sources.

An engineering demonstration of setting up a reference source and abyss device from AMD and MediaTek working on UHBR connections will be shown at the Display Week symposium and exhibition in San Jose, California, October 10-12. May 2022 at VESA booth # 214 at the San Jose Convention Center.


“These latest developments in the DisplayPort UHBR certification program represent major steps forward in introducing the DisplayPort UHBR ecosystem for new video, display and cable products that support higher resolutions and refresh rates. The certification of UHBR reference devices must pass rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the requirements set out in the DisplayPort 2.0 CTS. We are excited to announce that the reference silicon kit has been certified to meet the requirements of the DisplayPort 2.0 specification through our certification program. VESA now has an established testing infrastructure for the evaluation and certification of OEM end products, and we are ready to work with the ecosystem to bring the next generation of DisplayPort chipsets and IPs to market. ”

– said James Choate, Head of the VESA Compliance Program.


“We are very proud to be the first to adopt DisplayPort to achieve DisplayPort UHBR certification for a sink appliance. With the features that DisplayPort 2.0 brings to the table, we are able to develop advanced, robust technologies that system manufacturers can take advantage of to revolutionize the highest quality consumer visual experience. VESA requires very rigorous testing before certification can be approved, which makes MediaTek’s achievement even more impressive. We are honored to play a key role in VESA’s efforts to ensure interoperability and deliver market-leading products. ”

– said Vince Hu, Corporate Vice President and CEO, Compute Business Unit, MediaTek Inc.


“We are delighted to continue our deep collaboration with VESA on the development of the DisplayPort 2.0 UHBR ecosystem using the AMD Ryzen ™ 6000 series processor as a certified reference source device. The DisplayPort UHBR certification program will ensure seamless interoperability of sources, cables and screens and build a robust ecosystem that delivers the full potential of DisplayPort 2.0 UHBR technology. UHBR rates defined by the DisplayPort standard represent a new paradigm for screen connectivity, with unprecedented bandwidth that allows for smooth game play, efficient video playback and professional screens higher than 8K resolution. ”

– said Syed Athar Hussain, Vice President of VESA and Senior Associate for AMD CVP and Display Domain


We are proud to announce that our first DisplayPort 2.0 Rx solution and DisplayPort 2.0 Tx solution have passed VESA’s UHBR certification program implemented at Granite River Labs. This will help users quickly achieve end product certification as part of the VESA interoperability compliance testing program. With the new Realtek DisplayPort 2.0 Rx / Tx solutions, the end user can enjoy a more responsive screen and better resolution on multiple display applications. This offers a significant step forward that can satisfy both commercial and consumer markets as high-quality monitors and docking stations continue to evolve. ”

– Yee-Wei Huang, spokesman and vice president of the Multimedia Business Group at Realtek, said:

Product developers who take advantage of the DisplayPort UHBR Certification Program gain the ability to use the VESA Certified DisplayPort logo on their products and become reference devices for testing the interoperability of end-use products. Video sources and display devices from AMD, MediaTek and Realtek are already certified, while more source and display devices from VESA member companies are in the certification phase. In addition, multiple cable products that support UHBR have also passed certification and are commercially available.

Visit the product database for the latest list of VESA certified DisplayPort products. For guaranteed DisplayPort performance, be sure to check the DisplayPort logo as only VESA-certified DisplayPort products are authorized to wear the logo.

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