The airline expelled more than 100 NYC Orthodox Jews from flying over masks

A group of about 100 orthodox Jews from New York says they were banned from boarding a connecting flight in Germany last week – because a few did not wear masks at the previous stage, according to reports.

The group set off from JFK Airport in Queens to begin a religious pilgrimage to Budapest, Hungary. They landed in Frankfurt on Wednesday – but when they tried to board their next plane from Germany to Hungary, they were not allowed to board.

The group said they were all banned from boarding the Lufthansa plane because several of them were not wearing masks on their way from New York.

“For operational reasons coming from a flight from New York, because of all the passengers here we have to cancel you on this flight,” astonished members of the group told them at the exit, according to the Jewish edition of Hamodia.

American flights no longer require masks, but German law has kept the mandate intact for travel. It was not clear whether those members of the group who did not wear masks on the American flight were willing to put on face masks for Lufthansa’s trip.

But in any case, when some members of the group wearing masks began to oppose collecting them in the next stage, Lufthansa employees reportedly admitted that they were all punished for the actions of those who had not worn masks before.

“They explicitly said that no one who is equally trained in it [JFK] the plane will board a Lufthansa plane for Budapest, ”Nachman Kahana group member told Hamodia.

Passengers waiting for their flights at the main terminal at Frankfurt Airport.
American flights no longer require masks, but German law has kept the mandate intact for travel.
Arthur Widak / NurPhoto via Getty Images

Only “one or two” did not wear masks on the previous flight, Kahana said.

One of the orthodox Jews in the group complained to the airline official about the mass exclusion on tense video posted on Twitter.

“Is this Lufthansa’s decision that all Jews on that flight today cannot go on any other flight?” the man asks in disbelief. “Because this is 2022, and this is a western country. So this is for senior management because this is it [anti-Semitic act]. ”

Lufthansa has denied the allegations in a statement to Hamodia.

“We consider the allegation of anti-Semitism unjustified and unfounded,” the company said.

“We confirm that a larger group of passengers could not be transported on Lufthansa’s flight LH1334 from Frankfurt to Budapest today, because the passengers refused to wear the legally prescribed mask on board,” he added. the lack of masks was widespread.

The group said it eventually split up and reached Budapest for other airlines. It is not clear whether everyone wore masks on those flights.

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