The 17th round of the Supercross was crowned by the third point champion, Craig-NBC Sports

Jason Anderson drove almost unrivaled in the season finale of the 17th round of the Monster Energy Supercross while winning champion Eli Tomac took a night off to heal a knee injury sustained in Atlanta.

Anderson did not score – that honor went to Justin Bogle – but he was in the lead until the end of the 1st round. He managed the backlog well as he and runner-up Chase Sexton circled driver after driver while there were only six left in the lead lap at the end.

Anderson failed to catch Tomac in points, but with his fourth consecutive win and seventh of the season, he equaled Tomac the most in 2022. Tomac holds the lead with five consecutive wins this year.

The final result shows Tomac with a nine-point advantage after the final race.

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Sexton had a season of ups and downs with some strong races interrupted by downs. He finished the season in a high voice, and his second place is the sixth in a row among the top five.

The biggest drama at the end of the season was the fight for third place. Three drivers, Malcolm Stewart, Justin Barcia and Marvin Musquin, had a hit in position. Stewart flew through the field and rode faster than the leaders halfway.

When Stewart made the pass for third place, Barcia rode to the side of his Husqvarna and sent Stewart to fly off the bike. Barcia won the final place on the podium.

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Stewart rode up again and rode like he was obsessed. He caught up with Barcie’s rear tire in the final lap until the driver who was in the lap stopped his momentum. Stewart, however, had the final say, finishing third in the table with nine points more than Musquin and 12 ahead of Barcia.

Barcia finished the race two points behind Stewart and would have finished fourth in the standings, but he got 10 points for rough driving.

Musquin rounded out the top five for his tenth such goal in 2022.

Cooper Webb’s disappointing 2021 championship defense ended with him as the last driver in the leading lap in the season finale. His sixth place came with seventh place in points. Prior to the race, he announced that he would not be competing in the outdoor motocross championship.

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For the third week in a row, he was crowned Supercross Champion.

Knowing he only needed to finish 14th or better, no matter how second-placed Hunter Lawrence finished, Craig drove a safe race and failed to stand on the podium for the first time in 2022. He finished eighth, which was fine for him because he was still had a chance to stand on top of the box and receive his No. 1 plate.

His points advantage after the final race drops to 10.

Nate Thrasher won his first race since April 2021 when he won two of three races at the Atlanta residence, which were mostly run in groups of two and three races to reduce travel during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thrasher had only a slight advantage over Hunter Lawrence, who was looking for his fourth straight win. for the second season in a row, Lawrence finished second in the standings.

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Pierce Brown was among the 250 best drivers in the East with his third place. His second consecutive podium was not enough to catch the runner-up in the 250E-point standings as RJ Hampshire moved under the ladies one position back to fourth.

Jo Shimoda rounded out the top five. This was his fifth consecutive top-5 and he was no worse than his seventh all season, but due to injury he was forced to miss Anaheim 3.

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