Streamer reunited with his lost brother after 8 years via Twitch chat

A twitch streamer named ‘Shoobytooby’ revealed on Twitter that he has reunited with his younger brother after he randomly found his stream eight years after they separated.

As the Amazon-owned platform has gained viral popularity over the past few years, it has become common for Twitch streamers to experience some of the craziest events of their lives.

There is no limit to what can happen during a broadcast, whether it’s a defendant creator for a ‘lover’ or an IRL streamer kicked out of a fur convention.

Twitch can also reunite family members, as ShoobyTooby discovered after his younger brother randomly found his stream eight years after they were separated.

ShoobyTooby reunites with his brother

On May 6, the Twitch streamer posted the news on his Twitter account with pictures of the interaction.

He said: “It has been 8 years since I last saw or had contact with my younger brother who was taken away from me. He accidentally found my stream today and made me cry when I knew it was him. In the end, we exchanged social networks and now we have full contact with each other! ”

In response, Shooby shared a video his brother sent him via Discord during his stream.

His brother said, “Yes, you already know who it is. I’m watching your boy stream. I love you bro, I haven’t seen you so fucking long and I miss you like fucking crazy. ”

The video also showed the response of the Twitch streamer. He said, “Brother wtf! You are the voice. It’s so deep. You’re a man now. I miss you so much. ”

Streamer fans immediately accepted the answers, reiterating their love for long-lost siblings. At the time of writing, the tweet has received nearly 300 retweets and over 6,000 likes.

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