Sports legacy created Title IX

Produced by ESPN Creative Studio: Jessi Dodge, Karen Frank, Jarret Gabel, Alecia Hamm, Kaitlin Marron, Beth Stojkov

Written by Elaine Teng

Photos: The Tyler Twins, Cortney White, Hana Asano, Diana King, Ed Linsmieir, Sarah Rice, Carolyn Fong

The talent is produced by Stacey Pressman, Lindsay Steckel and Katie Hennessey

Designed by Jasmine Wiggins and Beth Stojkov. Dan Lee’s research. Hairstyle and Makeup Yajaira Daniel, Kimberly Briggs, Simon Rihana for the Art Department LA, Anna Branson for the AMAX Talent Agency, Paige Ryan, Antonio Amon, Phylicia Bongiorno Kalivoda, Janet Mariscal. Additional images Azzi Fudd, Brady Family, Cheryl Bridges, Heather Lyke, Hillmon Family, Marilyn Bamberger Lyke, Marsha Lake, Missy Marlowe, Shea Ralph, AP, ESPN Images, Getty, Icon Sports Media, Imagn, Pac-12 Network, Bentley Historical Library, Cal Athletics, Cleveland State Athletics, Fresno State Athletics, Georgetown University Athletics, Indiana State Athletics, Michigan Athletics, Michigan State Athletics, Otterbein University Archives, Pitt Athletics, Pitt Studios, UCLA Athletics, Communicabilt University at UNC, UNC, UNC, UNC

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