Spinoff ‘Ozark’ on Netflix? EP Chris Mundy on a possible new series

The following features spoilers from the Netflix series finale Ozark.

As the saying goes: When one Ozark the door closes, the other Ozark the door opens.

With four seasons of the serial thriller officially shown in the Netflix mirror, host Chris Mundy tells TVLine that spinoff is not ruled out. Far from it, actually.

“It’s definitely something that people have talked about a lot,” he said. “There is nothing definite. We are lucky that people seem to really like the show, so there will obviously be some interest. ”

A new series focused primarily on Ruth Langmore fan favorite (played by Emmy winner Julia Garner) would be an obvious spinoff avenue. However, the death of the character in the series finale rules out that possibility.

“There are still ways to stay on the show and look at things again,” Mundy allows, before admitting, “I’m sure people would probably be happier if Ruth was out.”

Any potential outgrowth should be completely different from the OG series, Mundy argues. “It was very important to me end this show, ”he says of the mothership. “This is a job we did, we did our best and we hope that people will like it. And then everything that comes out of it would be a special thing in itself, even though it is inside our universe.”


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