Spike Chunsoft launches countdown page with videos, puzzles – news

The game developer asks fans to solve puzzles to help the characters escape from hidden rooms

Spike Chunsoft launched a website called “Hidden Bats” on Thursday with a countdown that ended on Sunday. The updated page now features video and a puzzle that fans can solve.

It is unclear at this time whether Spike Chunsoft teases new work with the site or if he uses the website to advertise an upcoming work. The video “Bats489” published on the website could be a reference to AI: The Dream Files – nirvana initiativecontinuation of the game Kōtarō Uchikoshi‘with AI: Dream files game. The trailer released in January for the game referenced a “Bats490” video that features similar images of bats. The game will run for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Also switch your computer via Windows 10 and Steam in North America and Europe on June 24th.

The “Hidden Bats” announcement website is part of the larger “Sunaiku Foundation” website which Spike Chunsoft opened. The Sunaiku Foundation’s website states that it is an organization that helps find missing persons. The Hidden Bats website explains that two people named Aine Ichirai (first picture below) and Binato Sotobara (second picture) are locked in a hidden room and given a smartphone for 21 minutes once every two days to post on Twitter .

Both Aine and Binato have characters Twitter accounts, although only Aine’s account is currently active. In it, Aine posts tweets in English and Japanese and has published a photograph that serves her as a clue to help her escape from her room. Fans must use the photo along with a video of “Bats489” posted on the website to solve the riddle and tweet Aineu’s escape code.

Spike Chunsoft there is also launched Twitter account for Hidden Bats.

Sources: Hidden Bats teaser website, 4Gamer (Ryuichi Matsumoto)

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