Solo Developer creates an incredibly realistic (and creepy) Unreal Engine 5 scene

The solo game developer has created an incredibly realistic (and somewhat creepy) train station scene in Unreal Engine 5.

In a three-minute video shared on YouTube, as well as various screenshots (below), Lorenzo Drago shares footage of his Unreal Engine 5 demo, based at the actual Etchū-Daimon Station in Toyama, Japan.

Drago, an artist for 3D environment / props, says they “worked on all the modeling, texturing, lighting and animation” except for the leaves, which comes from Quixel Megascans. The video uses Unreal’s Lumen lighting system, but does not use its Nanite geometric system. The result is pretty amazing.

Using VR control to simulate the movement of a handheld camera (and later flashlights), the scene initially looks almost indistinguishable from actual videos – but if a lack of people doesn’t reveal it, the sky should turn black halfway through the video.

From a very relaxing and beautiful summer day it becomes almost a horror game right away, while the torch is lit and Drago’s character starts walking up the stairs of the train station.

While there’s no fear of jumping or real ghosts, it’s hard not to think about the horrors gamers will be exposed to when developers start releasing games in Unreal Engine 5.

Lorenzo Drago’s Unreal Engine 5 Scene

It’s not the only recent demo showing the capabilities of the new engine, which was only released last month, as the Superman-style flight experience and Spider-Man demo also showcases its amazing graphics.

Several game studios have also confirmed that they are now developing games using Unreal Engine 5, including a new Tomb Raider game from Crystal Dynamics and a new game in the Witcher saga from the Project Project CD.

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