‘SNL’ takes over Roe v. Wade and abortion laws

The NBC variant opened its final episode by taking viewers all the way back to the castle in 1235 where abortion was discussed.

“Now we are going into that deep moment of moral clarity, almost a thousand years ago, which laid such a clear foundation for what our laws should be in 2022,” the show’s speaker said in a sarcastic tone.

There we met host Benedict Cumberbatch and cast members Andrew Dismukes and James Austin Johnson as medieval nobles.

“As I was cleaning a hole on the side of the castle into which we poop and it falls through the sky into a ditch of human feces, I started thinking about abortion,” Cumberbatch’s character said. “Don’t you think we should pass a law against that?”

“You mean, like the law we have against pointed shoes?” Johnson’s character asked.

Cumberbatch’s character noted that the court should pass a law that “will stand the test of time, so that hundreds and hundreds of years from now on it will look back and say, ‘There’s no need to update this one at all! They nailed it back in 1235!’

Cumberbatch, Dismukes, and Johnson began discussing the topic of abortion and figuring out how to merge the law.

“Let’s be careful, the worst that can happen is someone leaking this conversation to a city herald,” Cumberbatch’s character said.

Then Cecily Strong joined the conversation, playing a citizen.

“Knock, knock! I’m kidding, we don’t have a door,” she said. “Than who, I was out there watching the sheriff throw left-handed kids into the river, and I couldn’t help but hear you talking about the new law.”

Strong’s character then asked if women should have a choice since “having a baby means a 50% chance of death”.

“I just don’t understand why you’re so obsessed this one question, “she added.” Like, what about the fact that no one can read or write, and everyone dies of the plague !? “

Dismukes’ character stopped her there and said, “Oh, you think just because I have an active plague means I have to wear a mask? It’s my body, my choice.”

Finally, Kate McKinnon enters who plays a tired-looking woman with gray hair.

“My God, Ogar!” Cumberbatch’s character said shocked.

“No, no, just a woman in her thirties,” McKinnon’s character replied.

She then explained that she could see the future.

“These barbaric laws will one day nullify something called progress,” McKinnon said. “Then about 50 years after progress, it’s going to be like, ‘maybe we should undo progress.'”

Then all the characters came together to utter the recognizable phrase of the series: “Live … From New York, it’s Saturday night!”

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