Sensorium is developing an impressive art gallery to raise digital exhibitions in Metaverse

The aim of this project is to offer authors – both professionals and amateurs – new tools that give their creations impressive properties.

Unlike other digital galleries available on the market today, mostly limited to the transfer of physical objects to virtual environments, Sensorium Gallery goes towards understanding the nature of a person’s creativity.

Sensorium Galaxy aims to contribute to the development of the entertainment industry. For example, our first virtual world PRISM, which is expected after the completion of the closed beta, is dedicated to electronic music. This digital space is constantly mutating based on the nature of music records.

Sensorium Digital Art Gallery is integrated into our second virtual world – Motion, dedicated to the practices of self-development and self-discovery. The concept of our gallery is not built around the development of digital copies of existing works of art. As of today, there are world leaders in this specific area, and we could work with some of them as needed.

Our area of ​​professional interest is covered by the answers to the following questions: What new opportunities for humanity could bring to the world new technologies that allow us to integrate physical values ​​into digital environments? What is the meaning of this? What is essentially new and valuable that such integrations can be achieved? Can the ideas of authors from different epochs, with the help of digital technologies, become a catalyst for the development of new artistic processes?

Our main task is to promote the integration of physical and digital art into the virtual environments of the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, turning existing works of art into building material to create new art or unleash the creative potential of all users.

Our concept of the Sensorium Gallery relies on synthesizing several types of art. Visitors to the gallery not only dive deep into works of art, but can also experiment with them on their own to create their own objects, including fragments of the creative heritage of famous authors.

As with any experiential project, we are currently on the path to thinking and approaching the creation of new value.

The first exhibition will feature two internationally acclaimed contemporary artists.

Art gallery technologies will complement the exhibitions with immersion, bringing users closer to discovering the author’s intentions.

We will gradually reveal the details of our collaboration as we approach the expected opening date of the art gallery, scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2022.

During the development of this project, we plan to involve our partners in a diverse range of initiatives related to Sensorium Galaxy virtual environments.

While our first exhibition will focus primarily on modern art, the Sensorium Gallery is designed for ultimate flexibility. The space will adapt to any art and create compelling experiences around it.

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