Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter will finally move to Mega Man X DiVE next week

The Mega Man and Street Fighter franchises are among Capcom’s most famous and have been linked for decades to moves and other references, though it’s a little less common to see characters stand side by side.

NebulaJoy and Capcom have finally confirmed that the Street Fighter 5 collaboration is officially coming to Mega Man X DiVE next week in the West, making Ryu and Chun-Li playable characters.

This crossover of world warriors and Reploids was previously launched in Japan and Asian territories last year, but this will be the first opportunity for street fighting in a mobile game in North America and Europe.

Exchanging his fists for weapons from the future, Ryu can run across platform levels blasting enemies, while also breaking his abilities specific to the character of Denj Renki and Shinku Hadoken.

Chun-Li, on the other hand, has no access to his Kikoken, but he can still trample the robot’s enemies with his swivel bird strike and lightning feet.

Mega Man X Street Fighter picture number 1

Mega Man X Street Fighter picture number 2

Mega Man X Street Fighter picture number 3

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Previously screened trailers have also confirmed that Ryu’s distinctive Suzaku Castle stage will be featured on Street Fighter-themed stages where the Mets can be seen dressed as Blanka.

For those looking for the ultimate challenge, Akuma is involved in a crossover as well as a special fight with the boss to earn more equipment.

A major co-operation event is scheduled to take place next Wednesday, May 11, in the West.

Below you can watch trailers showing Ryu and Chun-Li in action in Mega Man X DiVE.

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