Resident Evil Re: Verse is coming to the surface again in a new rating

News about Resident Evil Re: Verse the front has been deeply calm for about a year since the game was postponed to 2021 with the general release for 2022 now planned, but we have only recently seen signs of life that could point to an announcement soon. The game was rated this week for the Google Stadium platform through one of the major game rating organizations. It also got a “release date,” though it’s almost certainly a reserved seat because it reflects the same dates used in previous ratings, shifted just a year in advance.

New rating for Resident Evil Re: Verse appeared on the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) page and was the first to spot it Gematsu. For the “Release Dates and Platforms” section, the Stadia is the most recent list with the July 5 release date attached. However, it is worth noting that on July 5, 2021, it was previously listed for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Second, the game never got an official release date and was simply scheduled sometime in July 2021, so for now it’s best not to put up a lot of stock on July 5th.

This means that there are not many words in the rating about the news about the release of the game, but the rating alone is enough to show those who are interested in the game that it is still alive. The social networks for the game are still dark, and the latest tweet from the account is the one that announced the delay, but if we want to start hearing more news about Re: Versethese social networks are likely to be a place to search.

Re: Verse is another Capcom multiplayer project located in the Resident Evil universe and was to be available for free with purchase Resident Evil Village. It brings together Resident Evil characters that span a variety of games throughout the grand series, including Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Hunk, Tyrant variants and more. Given that he missed the opportunity to issue alongside Resident Evil Village and those who have bought the latest Resident Evil game may no longer have the download code at hand, it is unclear how the release of this game will be resolved.

The Summer Game Fest starts in June to introduce a wave of summer game announcements, so we might see more at Resident Evil Re: Verse about that time.

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