Recapitulation of ‘The Wilds’: Season 2 Finale, Episode 8 Cliffhanger

Warning: The following contains spoilers for The Wilds Season 2. Proceed at your own risk!

Welcome to Phase 3, The Wilds fans.

The finale of the 2nd season of the teen survival drama Prime Video revealed that Leah played Gretchen and that she managed to call her friend Ian, who was warned by the FBI. Now on the feds ’radar, Gretchen gathered all her belongings and fled the facility, leaving girls and boys behind. But she reassured her co-workers that the experiment would continue, with a new control group for Phase 3 as she manages things remotely, with the help of someone inside.

Recapitulation of The WildsMeanwhile, Leah and both groups of teenagers headed to the roof of the facility, only to discover that they were still trapped on the island. And maybe even worse: Seth is still alive and there with them at the facility, playing Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” over the speakers.

Below, executive producers Sarah Streicher and Amy B. Harris answer some of the burning questions about the finale and what’s to come in a potential third season.

TVLINE | What can you say about the stories you hope to explore in Season 3, coming out of the finale?
AMY B. HARRIS | I am very excited to see how these two groups, which really came together in a very strong way, protecting each other, taking care of each other, are fighting with each other, how when these two groups somehow break together, the chemistry and explosions that will Eventually the results are very exciting and I’m really looking forward to researching. Sarah and I really love those scenes where two people are talking, and you’re shocked to see those two people in a relationship. And now we have 14 people we can do it with, so it’s like ping-ponging, balls hitting each other. We can only explore the character in such deep, specific ways, and it’s exciting.
SARAH STREICHER | Leah at the end of the second season felt pretty close to “getting” Gretchen, but now she’s more distant. So we definitely want to show how these young people, even though she escaped, will still have the means to expose her conspiracy and fight back.

TVLINE | Probably the FBI is investigating. Ian went to them though and they wanted information. A good sign?
STRINGS | He’s on the radar.
HARRIS | Yes, there is definitely a race for these kids.

Recapitulation of The WildsTVLINE | It’s a little unclear to me if Gretchen knows for sure what Seth was doing on the island and its past. Because, although, obviously, he doesn’t fully have the safety of those kids in mind, the fact that she would have left him there in charge, to know what he did, is a bit shocking.
STRINGS | Yes, it’s cheeky. It is a bold decision on her part. And we hope to reveal why she did it and what exactly her plans are for him because they are specific.

TVLINE | We have not fully learned how he became part of her operation. Is that something we’ll see in Season 3?
STRINGS | I certainly hope so. Her performance is a big question mark for many fans and an understanding of the equipment, especially the employment equipment. We saw that with Nora. But that’s definitely the point of curiosity we want to hunt.

TVLINE | By the way, where’s Nora?
HARRIS | She is another mystery that we will hunt if the gods of the Amazon give us a third season.

The Wilds season 2TVLINE | And Shelby and Tony, were they getting better? Do these shipowners have anything to be happy about after reuniting at Gretchen’s headquarters?
STRINGS | Not everything is dark, but not everything is bright.
HARRIS | Like many relationships, they will be very complicated. There was a great betrayal. Tony has a hard time dealing with what Shelby did, obviously now that Martha is awake, it’s better. I will have something to enjoy because obviously everyone will be in very close spaces. But I think Sarah said it well – not very gloomy, not bright.

TVLINE | Gretchen said there was someone inside on the island. Apparently, there was Seth, but the camera came to Shelby’s face. Should I insinuate anything from that?
HARRIS | I think the camera chose someone who is very interesting … It’s very possible, but it’s possible elsewhere.

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