Read, analyze, formulate: The science of good results News from Nagpur

Science is a subject that requires great concentration, improving students’ analytical skills and problem-solving ability.
This time you only have to solve the work of 40 points, so stay calm and composed.
Before you try any question, read and analyze it carefully. Apply appropriate formulas and derive answers gradually. Remember, every step carries labels. Your steps should include the correct units in the physics section.
As you address chemistry issues, focus on chemical symbols and formulas. For biology, diagrams and proper labeling are very important.
The questionnaire consists of three parts and 15 questions. Section A has seven questions with two points each, Part B has six questions with three points each, and Section C has two case-based questions with four points each.
In total, you need to resolve 15 issues in which there are some internal choices. Choose the questions you have the most confidence in.
Always try to complete the work ahead of time so that you can check and revise everything you have written. Your handwriting should be legible; remember that your answer sheet will be checked by external teachers. There is no room for stupid mistakes. It’s a science, so one small mistake could affect your score.
The author is Professor of Science at GH Raisoni Vidyaniketan
Subject matter Science
plate CBSE
Std | x
Tags 40
Duration 2 hours
Last minute audit tips
Practice diagrams along with tagging
Solve CBSE work samples
Revise all key formulas
Choose the questions you are sure of
Write in clean handwriting and avoid stupid mistakes, cutting

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