Radicle Science highlights findings from a large CBD study

Radicle Science recently published its findings from the Radicle ACES (Advancing CBD Education and Science) study to determine the effectiveness of CBD products. An open-label study examined more than a dozen U.S. brands to determine whether botanical products containing CBD bring therapeutic benefits in five health outcomes, including well-being, quality of life, long-term pain, anxiety and sleep quality.

Said Jeff Chen, MD, co-founder and CEO of Radicle Science NutraIngredients-USAthat the goal is to gather real-world evidence that indicates the behavior and health outcomes of tens of millions of Americans who use CBD regularly.

“Official clinical research on these CBD products is lacking due to decades of research limitations and unclear regulations that continue to this day. The Radicle ACES study was a 4-week open-label, randomized trial of 14 groups that included nearly 3,000 participants, 13 products, and a control group on a waiting list. It is the largest randomized controlled trial ever conducted on CBD in history and was completed in late 2021.

Brands that participated in the Radicle ACES study include: ALTWELL, Columbia Care, Healer, Lord Jones, Maven Hemp, MD FARMA, Peels (citrus brand), Prospect Farms, PURAURA Naturals from Enhanced Botanicals, Rae Wellness, Trokie, and Wellness version.

“We sought deliberate diversity in the properties of these 13 products to reflect the thousands of different CBD products available in the U.S., so these products differed in formulation, dosage, and form factor,”Chen added.

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