Queen Elizabeth cancels performance due to ‘movement problems’

Queen Elizabeth II will not attend the royal engagement on Tuesday due to health problems.

Her Royal Highness, 96, “still has episodic mobility problems,” Buckingham Palace revealed in a statement issued Monday.

The palace added that “in consultation with her doctors, the ‘queen’ reluctantly decided not to attend the state opening of parliament tomorrow.”

The statement concluded by sharing that Prince Charles will take over her duties at the event.

“At the request of Her Majesty and with the consent of the competent authorities, the Prince of Wales will read the Queen’s speech on behalf of Her Majesty, in the presence of the Duke of Cambridge,” the text reads.

Queen Elizabeth II contracted COVID-19 in February. Although Charles, 73, said in March that his mother was “better,” mobility problems in the elderly could be a side effect of the coronavirus.

Queen Elizabeth looks away as she wears blue clothes.
Due to health problems, Queen Elizabeth will not attend the state opening of the parliament.
UK Press via Getty Images

According to findings published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, middle-aged and elderly patients who have had even a mild case of COVID-19 may experience “impaired mobility and functioning after infection.”

In April, Queen Elizabeth said she felt “very tired” of the coronavirus.

“It makes him very tired and exhausted, doesn’t it?” she said in a conversation with employees of the National Health Service organized by the Royal Hospital in London, CNN reports. “This is a terrible pandemic. That’s not a good result. “

Queen Elizabeth stands on the balcony with her family members.
The 96-year-old queen is expected to attend her annual jubilee celebration next month.
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Although Her Majesty is not attending the state opening of Parliament, she is still expected to attend her annual jubilee celebration in June.

A spokesman for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle told page six last week that the Queen and “those members of the royal family who are currently performing official public duties on behalf of the Queen” will officially appear in public and be photographed on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

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