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A shot of the head of Professor Fred Hagstrom
Professor Fred Hagstrom

During the annual College Art Association (CAA) conference in January, Fred Hagstrom, Carleton’s Rae Schupack Nathan professor of art, received the CAA Distinguished Teaching of Art Award 2022. A member of Carleton College since 1984, Hagstrom has profoundly influenced his students, including many have achieved careers as artists and educators.

Hagstrom’s influence is visible even in the nomination process for this recognition.

Study art students Paloma Barhaugh-Bordas ’07, Jade Hoyer ’07 and Dylan Welch ’08 approached other alumni, professors and friends with a petition to gather support from former Hagstrom alumni and colleagues.

“Within a few days, they gathered 350 signatories,” said Chris Grace ’87, another studio art student, “including graduates from across the faculty. Many of us go back 35 or more years, and yet we hurried to sign. This personifies [Carleton’s]… a lasting culture of respect and gratitude for great teaching and mentoring. ”

Several current and former students expressed in the petition that Hagstrom’s teaching is interdisciplinary, challenging them to connect their studies of other subjects and their life stories with their study work. He has been cited by many as a lifelong mentor, and has been praised for his two-year 10-week study trip abroad to Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands.

Eleanor Jensen ’01, the current visiting assistant professor of art at Carleton, attributes Hagstrom’s credit to teaching her how to see as well as draw. She also praised Hagstrom’s considerate nature in her approval.

“Fred is deeply sensitive to his students,” Jensen said. “[He] he is always ready to stand up for someone who is hurt or neglected. ”

Such recognition from students and colleagues is in itself an appropriate honor, but the CAA Outstanding Art Teaching Award is something special to celebrate.

“This award is a big deal,” Grace said. “No national search or property audit document would be complete without serious engagement at the CAA National Conference, for example.”

The CAA is “the most important international leadership organization in the visual arts,” according to its official website, and seeks to “advance the highest standards of teaching, knowledge and practice in the visual arts to foster intellectual curiosity and skills that enrich the individual and society.”

Only one professor in North America receives the Distinguished Teaching of Art award each year. In the United States alone, there are currently more than 94,000 art professors in colleges, a prestigious credit to Hagstrom’s name and his time at Carleton.

Erica Helgerud ’20 is a news and social media manager for Carleton College.

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