Pixel Artist Hacks and Slashes in Elden Ring Side Scroller Fan Art

Artist from Vietnam in / hanpnguyen13 reimagine FromSoftware’s Elden Ring as a side scroller a tough fighting game with beautifully animated pixel fan art.

FromSoftware games have a distinct visual style, and Elden Ring it is no different. In a darker tone, the game combines very detailed realism with medieval elements of fantasy. This aesthetic always adds a touch of intensity, creating a game experience that lets its players know they are going on a grueling adventure from the start.

There’s no denying that his distinctive visual style fits the action RPG genre perfectly, but what would Elden Ring look in another genre? Or, even further, in a completely different visual aesthetic? Well, the Vietnamese pixel artist in / hanpnguyen13 gave his own interpretation Elden Ringthis time re-designing the style of play in the beautiful Elden Ring side scroller art.

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Apex Legends | Newcastle character trailer






u / hanpnguyen13, or Han, is a pixel artist based in Vietnam. With five years of experience behind him, u / hanpnguyen13 is a fan of redesigning pixel art games. Although he doesn’t just recreate his favorite games – he adds a genre twist that puts them in a new light.

This particular piece, originally published on the r / PixelArt subreddit, is a great animation Elden Ring scene. Depicting Tanished preparing to fight boss Margit, Fell Omena, the animation captures details of the game in a brighter aesthetic.

After a series of potions, Tarnirani seems to use an ability called Ash of War: Seppuku. Although this ability forces players to self-harm, it increases the player’s attack power and the potential for bleeding. A high-risk strategy — high rewards, certainly, but one that can be extremely effective against big bosses like Margit.

Although Margit is an optional boss, he is certainly one of the most famous in the game. Settling in Stormhill, the region leading to Stormveil Castle, Margit serves as the preliminary chief before Legacy Dungeon Stormveil Castle.

Looking at the fluid animation in / hanpnguyen13, I almost wish we had a version of the pixel art side scroller Elden Ring!! Although the 3D challenge has been removed from combat, this perspective brings more focus to detail and targeted enemy attacks. In addition, its lighter color palette gives a fun, almost nostalgic retro feel.

Be sure to check out his work on his portfolio website! Otherwise, Elden Ring is available for play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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