Picard’s Star Trek, Season 3 loses several lead actors

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Picard’s circle of friends is shrinking in the third season.
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Star Trek: PicardThe finale of the second season was over a trip to the bananasmessily running around trying to close the remaining strands of the series while throwing out some wild Hall Marys for the future of the show. But after the release, one strange trend emerged: the apparent exodus of most of the series ’original cast.

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The past few days since the “Goodbye” offer, well, goodbye from the second seasonmore members PicardThe supporting cast announced that their time in the series had come to an end. Some of them are obvious, like Santiago Cabrera, whose character Rios chose to stay in the past from 2024 LAND to be with his new love interest, Teresa – and whose death in the past we learn when Guinan talks Picard about it andn 24th century. Cabrera took to Instagram to say goodbye, but he wasn’t the only member of the cast who announced he wouldn’t be back for a third season.

Both Isa Briones—who played the androids Soji and Dahj as the central element Picardis the first season, and starred Korre Soong, daughter of geneticist Brent Spinner villain Adam Soong, in the second season—And Evan Evagora, who played a Romulan religious mercenary who became an Elnor Starfleet cadet in the first and second seasons, he also posted on social media to confirm that it was theirs Star Trek the journeys were over. They are both especially strange, because their characters were not exactly written with farewells; Dahj appeared in only one episode Picard season two, but Korre’s last scene saw her meet Wesley Crusher Will Wheaton and be taken away to join him for an omnipotent transdimensional being known as the Traveler. Elnor, meanwhile, spent most of the second season dead, but was brought back to life in the finals to continue his education at the Academy with Raffi.

Perhaps even stranger than those outings was Alison Pill, who played Dr. Agnes Jurati and, finally, the new Queen of the Borg Picard season two. “I know the third season will be over. I wasn’t part of the third season, so I don’t have much to say about it in terms of spoilers, ”Pill said recently Movieweb. “I’ll be able to watch along with everyone else.” This especially feels like a wild move as the season ended with Pill’s hybrid Borg Queen / Jurati officially requesting temporary membership for the Borg Collective—transformed into a seemingly friendly force—Enter the Federation and protect the newly opened Transwarp Conduit. If you thought that could be the main part of the third season, obviously not – or at least, not without the Borg Queen. Showrunner Terry Matalas has confirmed on Twitter that the third season of Picard starts about a year after the second season it ends, so maybe that’s enough time for the Federation and the Borg to figure things out and go their own way, but still … it certainly seems like an unusual departure from such an intriguing story and character.

From the moment of writing, the only thing left Picard supporting actors rejoining Patrick Stewart for the third season are Jeri Ryan, Michelle Ann Hurdand Orla Brady, who plays Seventh of Nine, Raffi Musiker, and Larissa, respectively. Although both Hurd and Ryan have confirmed their return for a third season, Brady has not done so yet (io9 has contacted Paramount for comment on her return and will update this post if and when we respond). But why is it Picard seemingly kicking out so many of their original actors, some of them with stories that don’t seem to be quite finished yet, before last season? Well, one thing is obvious: coming original lead cast from Star Trek: The Next Generation. With six new members of the primary cast coming – and we know they will come play significant roles already in season — downsizing the current cast to give the characters time and attention makes sense.

But there’s still something a little weird and a little sad about seeing potential entanglements with characters unique Picard seemingly shortening to return to the characters we, and Jean-Luc, knew and loved throughout The next generation. Star Trek: PicardI always struggle with how he wants to closer to his titular hero and whether it wanted to be something very new or something in a love conversation LPG– it seems that in his last season he at least decided to be the latter, because he is saying goodbye to most of the former.

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