Philadelphia officials investigate after three-story building partially collapsed in Manayunk

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Philadelphia officials are investigating after a house in Manayunk partially collapsed on Saturday morning.

The incident happened around 6:30 a.m. in the first block of Levering Street.

When fire crews arrived – they reportedly discovered that the back of the three-story house had collapsed.

Neighbors say they woke up to the sound of a collision and then heard sirens.

The surrounding houses had to be evacuated while firefighters searched the ruins.

“There was that huge collision. It was like a sliding rumble, just a giant noise, and it only lasted about two seconds,” neighbor Thomas Gartside said.

Although the sound was a shock, he says the collapse is not surprising.

“This house was not maintained, and then part of the house was completely ruined,” he added. “It even grew out of the house like a giant weed or tree.”

Firefighters in the rescue unit used cameras and eavesdropping devices to search for the wreckage.

Officials confirm that no one was injured in the collapse, and the owner of the house was not there.

“I was worried that everything would spill over into my yard, the ruins, everything, the whole back of the house was wide open,” neighbor Bryan Volek said.

Dave Bass, who also lives nearby, said: “I didn’t even know it was this house because nothing could be seen from the front, but these are old houses built on a hill. It’s happening.”

The attached houses in the row also appear to have been damaged.

Neighbors hope the mess will be resolved quickly.

“It’s a pretty well-maintained block. It’s just one house, one weak link in the block,” Gartside said.

L&I declared the property structurally defective. The homeowner has 30 days to demolish or repair the house.

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