Overwatch 2 Beta looks too similar to Overwatch, fans say

Comparison of the size of the Eichenwalde map from Overwatch 2.

Screenshot: Blizzard / Marblr

The Overwatch 2 technical beta version started on April 26, and players have already started mining the build for content. One player even made it side by side video to compare lighting the difference between the beta and the original game, which has recently taken off on Twitter. The two videos seemed to be almost identical to each other, leading to ridicule of the game on social media.

To some members communities, Overwatch 2 is already fighting to Hollow out unique identity from its predecessor. One very popular topic about official Blizzard forum he called the game a ‘glorified update’, and the commentator called beta ‘server testing.’ It’s not that Blizzard hasn’t made any changes to the gameplay (they have). The problem is what the community has high expectations for the so-called ‘continuation’ of one of the greatest team scorers in the world.

The comparison video only reinforced these community fears. After seeing a widespread comparison (which has nearly seven million views at the time of writing), one fan even he joked Overwatch 2 takes place six hours after the first game. Several commentators on Twitter and Reddit noted this Overwatch 2 it looks like it was run over Breaking Bad‘s “Mexican Filter” (creepy yellow filter which filmmakers apply to scenes that take place in non-Western countries).

All reactions are based on beta images, which means that the current build is from Overwatch 2 it is not considered final. Developers still have plenty of time from now until the launch date of 2023 for significant changes in the game. AND developer blog states that the beta “focuses primarily on playfulness and balance as well as stability” and that all other unfinished features are “work in progress”. The blog specifically called for changing daily conditions as a feature that is not publicly tested.

even so Overwatch fans have many reasons to be cynical about the future of the game. The studio was unclear about the exact release date.Overwatch‘with gone executive producer for “some free time” and the support players stayed cool reworked playing in Overwatch 2. On top of the concerns about the game itself, Activision Blizzard itself has had huge cultural issues that keep appearing on the covers. Many employees were released or resignedand there is a growing list from entity which have public expressed their disapproval Activision Blizzard (recently created sexual harassment lawsuit for $ 18 million). The generally negative opinion of the game, its developer and parent company has ruined any patience the community might otherwise have for the beloved franchise.

The Overwatch 2 beta will end on May 17.

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