Overwatch 2 beta is a complete failure and worse than the original

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Overwatch 2 is not going well for some fans (image: Blizzard)

The reader is not impressed by the beta of Overwatch also claims that instead of fixing anything it only deepens the problems with the original.

Recently, Blizzard showed how Overwatch 2 broke its record of simultaneous views on Twitch. What they didn’t say was that the reason they were so high was that everyone got involved to get the free key to the beta and when it ended the number of viewers dropped by 99% (literally, it climbed from 1.5 million to 15,000). This confirms that no one wants to watch Overwatch 2, so let me explain why they should also forget that they want to play it.

Five years ago Overwatch was the biggest game and I liked it. The characters were great, the plot was great, and there was a lot of strategy and a goal that was constantly changing. But now he feels tired, because the number of new characters has shrunk to shreds, and so have new ideas. In that sense, this is the perfect time to continue to refresh things, but it’s a huge impression from Overwatch 2 that it doesn’t seem like a sequel. It is closer to being a demake.

The big trick of the new character Sojourn is that she is good at skating. That’s it. Her only other feature is that she has a pretty big gun and a really boring design, and I can’t believe she’s being used as the first new character for Overwatch 2 0, because if she’s a sign of things to come, then we’re really in trouble.

Overwatch 2 doesn’t seem like a sequel, it doesn’t even seem like a DLC expansion, it just seems like a patch above average size, with a new character, a few new folders, and minor modifications to the existing lineup. This isn’t the whole game, though, so it’s probably coming yet, but I wouldn’t guess too much considering how bare Overwatch has always been. I certainly wouldn’t wait for a single-player fashion that fans have been calling for for years, but for which Blizzard has never shown interest in creating.

One of the biggest drawbacks with Overwatch 2 is the way the sequel addresses the order of the roles, Blizzard’s controversial attempt to get people to play tanks more and support the characters. In theory, it was a good idea, but it did not take into account the fact that forcing people into more tactical roles is meaningless if they do not understand those classes or what they should be doing.

Overwatch 2 makes this even work by halving the number of tank slots, so anyone who actually wants to play as such a character has to wait forever to be able to get going. Since the game is now 5 on 5, it is much more focused on mindless lone action and anyone who wants to play sensibly as a support stays running around like a lunatic, while other players completely ignore any idea of ​​tactics or team play.

This is exacerbated by the fact that average killing time (TTK) has been steadily declining for the game over the last few years, and Overwatch 2 is only speeding it up. That means there are fewer supporting characters and more supporting characters who are just as good at harming as they are at healing – so why bother?

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Blizzard is trying to turn the game into a Call Of Duty clone and there weren’t any characters that look so different, you could hardly say it’s a heroic shooter at all. All the character changes are aimed only at inflicting more damage and many of the characters are now very unbalanced as a result, especially Bastion and Orissa.

Based on the beta, all Overwatch 2 will do is accelerate the franchise’s demise, with the sequel seeming to understand nothing about the original’s appeal or what fans have been upset about in recent years. Instead of reviving and improving the Overwatch, at this speed all the sequel will do is drive a nail into his coffin.

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