Online art exhibition ‘You will be swollen! You will be great! ‘ from NYC’s Helicline Gallery displays themes from theater and performing arts

Besides running, more than 20 years, Keith Sherman & Associates – a public relations and marketing communications company with roots on Broadway – the founder and namesake of the company is also a passionate art collector. In 2008, Sherman and his partner Roy Goldberg, a physician and equally passionate lover and collector for three decades, founded Helicline Fine Artspecializes in 20th-century-old American and European modernist paintings, sculptures and works on paper, in the styles of social realism, muralology, industrial landscapes, regionalism, abstraction, etc.

In keeping with its mission of connecting people with art, Helicline was named after the curved ramp that connected the Trylon and Perisphere structures at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York – two monumental sculptures and entertainment venues the size of huge buildings. The theme of the gallery’s current digital exhibition also connects Sherman’s two areas of expertise. You will be swollen! You will be great! The fine art of performance contains three dozen works depicting theater, film, dance, music and circus art.

Leon Bibel (1912-1995), Audience, 52½ x 41¼ inches, oil on canvas, c. 1963.

“Although I have been running Helicline Fine Art since 2008, my lifelong work has been and continues to be running a communications company in Times Square. From the first day of my professional life, I have been working in entertainment, primarily in the theater, selling two hours of magic in a dark room. Some of these artists were friends, even clients. Their work is of great importance to me and I believe it will resonate deeply with those who love entertainment and art. These works are fine art, ”said Sherman.

Freddy Whittop (1911-2001), Hello Dolly! Costume drawing, 20 x 13¼ inches, mixed media on paper, 1964

The works on display, created between the 1920s and 1970s, include paintings, costume drawings and sets, illustrations, photographs and sculptures from legendary Broadway plays, films, dance and more. These include: Hi Dolly!, A cat on a hot tin roof, My beautiful lady, Cabaret, The king and I., Cabaret, In the City, Goodbye bird, Day and nightand Defiant; portraits of Josephine Baker and Carmen Mirande; and works depicting dancers, film sets, performers, playwrights, audiences, backstage and Times Square.

Jean Chassaing (French, 1905-1938), Josephine Baker, Poster Studio, gouache on paper, 21 x 15 inches, c. 1931.

Among the artists represented are internationally renowned Tony Award-winning modernists and legendary designers such as Boris Aaronson, Leon Bibel, Cecil Beaton, Jean Chassaing, David Fredenthal, William Gropper, Al Hirschfeld, Roddy McDowall, Paul Meltsner, Jo Mielziner, Hugo Scheiber, Oliver Smith , Miles White, Freddy Whittop, Richard Whorf and Louis Wolchonok.

Oliver Smith (1918-1994), On the Town, Third Act Curtain, 13¾ x 20½ inches, gouache and watercolor on paper, 1944.

You will be swollen! You will be great! is online until Wednesday, August 31, 2022, on the Helicline Fine Art website, artsy.netand The gallery, located in a private space in Midtown Manhattan, is also open by appointment. To schedule a personal visit, call (212) 204-8833 or email [email protected]. The art on the site represents only a small fraction of Helicline’s available works.

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