“Office work is now a relic of the past” – deadline

In an interview with Time’s The Leadership Brief published on Sunday, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky called office work an “anachronistic form” that is “pre-digital.”

His remarks are backed by his own corporation. Airbnb announced earlier this week that its employees can work remotely forever without any pay penalties, something imposed by other companies.

Chesky said Airbnb had its most productive two-year period ever while its staff worked remotely, and said the talent pool available for hiring has been expanded with less restrictive teleworking rules.

“I think the office as we know it is over,” he told Time. “We can’t try to keep 2019 more than 1950. We have to move forward.”

“If the office didn’t exist, I wonder, would they have invented it?” And if we had invented it, what would it have been invented for? Obviously people will continue to go to hospitals and work, people will continue to go to cafes and work – these spaces make complete sense. But I think for someone whose job is on a laptop, the question is, well, what should the office do? ”

Chesky said his company’s “Careers” site received a huge boost when it announced a new remote business policy.

The CEO himself said he spends time between various Airbnb locations in the US.

Chesky said there would be a need for an office situation under different scenarios.

“People will continue to go to offices, but it will be for different purposes, to collaboration spaces,” he said.

He also claimed that the hybrid model of three days in the office and two remotes was wrong, which is being tried by technology companies Apple and Google.

Airbnb organizes one-week personal meetings with its employees during the quarter.

“My prediction is that three days a week become two days a week, and two days a week become one day a week, and pretty quickly are you really in a hybrid world or are you mostly a distant world?” He said. “People don’t realize that these two or three days a week are not very sustainable. People will understand, ‘Okay, let’s be more intentional when people get together. And let’s get together for a week or two at a time. “

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