Notre Dame Recruiting Mail bag – May 9th

The month of May promises to be another packed period in employment. The coaches are on their way, new rumors will start, several players are expected to make decisions and of course official visits will begin in early June.

As Notre Dame continues to gain momentum in the 2023 recruitment cycle, staff do not plan to slow down any time soon. This means that employment issues continue to rise.

Questions come from Irish Breakdown subscribers on the bulletin board.

@christopher-crosby: Ryan, you recently announced that several new recruits have received offers from Notre Dame in class 2023. Are these kids taking or is it about keeping them?

It’s hard to say at first. I believe that the best recruitment staff always continue to evaluate and identify talent. Judging by the talent he recruits like an offensive lineman Joe Otting and a wide receiver Joshua Manning I have, I think there is a legitimate interest there. Whether they are taken or not, we simply do not yet have an answer to that.

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