New character of Street Fighter Pietro presented through UDON comics, can he go to Street Fighter 6?

The new character was introduced in the Street Fighter franchise, not by the main developer Capcom, but by UDON Comics in its recent issue of Street Fighter Legends for Free Comics Day.

Her name is Pietra, and she’s a big, big, noisy lumberjack who serves as a somewhat antagonistic force for Blanka. Given that we know Capcom is currently developing Street Fighter 6, we can’t help but wonder if we’ll soon see Pietro not just on comic book pages.

Here you will see several records as Blanka and Pietra toss in the middle of a vast forest. She is obviously capable of going from heel to toe with everyone’s favorite wild beast from Street Fighter 2, (should Chun be worried about her title of “Strongest Woman in the World”?) While rinsing and receiving strong punches.

What is the potential job? Given that Pietru created UDON, not Capcom himself (as far as we know), few of us pause in hopes of appearing as a fighter to play, but this wouldn’t actually be the first time Capcom has transferred a comic book character to the game.

Before making her debut in Street Fighter Alpha 3 in 1998, the hugely popular Karin Kanzuki first appeared in Sakura Ganbar in 1996! a manga series written and illustrated by Masahiko Nakahira.

Each new chapter of Street Fighter brings with it a handful of fresh faces that didn’t make it to any of the previous lists, and sometimes didn’t show up at all in the lore. Not every newcomer is a home run, but we almost always get at least one or two franchise favorites from each series.

It is clear that UDON has a very good reputation and communicates with Capcom as the developer consistently allows the comic to produce artwork, non-canonical side stories, and now even a brand new franchise fighter. Pietra’s introductory comic was even strategically positioned to be released on Free Comics Day, so they seem to be making a special effort to get this newcomer noticed.

Capcom has promised more information about Street Fighter 6 this summer, so we’ll be on the lookout for anything SF6-related as we enter these hot months.

Given what little we’ve seen so far about Pietra, how does she seem like a potential member of the list for Street Fighter’s next game? It seems more in line with the archetype of the brawler (probably best if it’s not a grappler like Laura, which she looks a bit like) and it would be interesting to see what Capcom could do with that ax as a weapon.

Join in the comments below and let us know your early thoughts on Pietra and her likelihood of appearing in Street Fighter 6.

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